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Name:Riku [AU]

Antipode | Fragmented Truths | The Year Between

♥ Canon up until the second night of DI.

♥ After he opened the door, Sora found him before he could give into darkness. Sora still ended up with Kairi's heart, and the two boys got separated when DI disappeared.

♥ He ended up with Donald and Goofy, but he couldn't stand them at first. He'd meddle, he'd ditch them. Worst of all, he didn't take his Keybearing duties seriously.

♥ Meanwhile, Sora got tricked into thinking the Disney villains were his friends and that he was 'rescuing' the Princesses of Heart in order to create a miracle to save the worlds.

♥ This eventually caused strain between Sora and Riku. While Sora wanted Riku to come along with him to save the worlds and bring Kairi back, Riku wanted Sora to ditch the obvious villains before it was too late. Sora continuously begged and pleaded for Riku to go with him and even used Kairi to try and persuade him.

♥ This didn't work. Eventually, Riku and Sora had no choice but to face one another. However, this was difficult for Riku to accept. In Hollow Bastion, he temporarily lost the ability to summon the Keyblade because his fears and doubts overwhelmed him. It was only when he mustered up the courage to face Sora and knock some sense into him that he received his weapon again.

♥ Sora, unable to use darkness due to Kairi's heart, received the Dark Keyblade and was coerced into ultimately freeing Kairi's heart, but not until he finally discovered the truth about Maleficent's plans and rushed to Riku's fight in a final battle against his so-called "friend".

♥ Unfortunately, Riku had little time to catch up with his friend. Once Maleficent was out of the way, Sora released Kairi's heart. Then, when Ansem attacked and tried to possess Riku, there was little time to find his Heartless and restore him. As a result, Sora in this universe remained a Heartless.

♥ He promised Kairi that he wouldn't go home until he found a way back to Sora, if anything remained. This is what would lead him to leave the door to Kingdom Hearts wide open.

♥ Instead of leaving Kairi in Traverse Town, Riku took her with him. It was only when he left to face Ansem that he finally got the good luck charm.

♥ After defeating Ansem, Riku refused to close the door, fearing that separating the worlds would make it impossible to find Sora and keep his promise. Instead, he tapped into his darkness at long last, creating a corridor to drag him and his friends (especially Kairi) to safety.

♥ After the events of KH1, DiZ took him and his friends to Twilight Town, informing them about the Organization and the immense effusion of Heartless threatening the world. Somewhere along the way, both Riku and Donald helped Kairi learn to fight so she could keep up with them.

♥ In Hollow Bastion, he quickly learned that a doppelganger and a strange, blonde boy had been trashing his name by causing destruction throughout the town. Riku eventually encountered his Replica and the blonde boy, who turned out to be Sora's Nobody.

♥ As Riku traveled across countless worlds, he continued to find the Replica and "Sora" causing trouble and framing him for it. They believed that Riku was a replica created by DiZ who had stolen Sora's heart and the Replica's identity. In reality, NaminĂ© gave both the Replica and XIII fake memories to make them compliant with the Organization.

♥ Riku got confirmation for XIII's identity inside of Monstro, when the Replica explained the truth and why he was working with the Organization to begin with.

♥ In reality, Sora was still very much alive and well. His Heartless retained his sense of self and eventually took on a more humanoid form, secretly helping Riku from the shadows and leaving notes to guide him and his friends.

More info here. Note: This stuff is slightly outdated.
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