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Will format this in a little bit. Consider this a placeholder.
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Canon Name: Riku
Work Name: Kai
Canon: Kingdom Hearts

Age/Sex/Gender: 15/M/M
Height: 5'5''
Weight: ???
Species/Supernatural Qualities: Human, though as a Keybearer, Riku possesses various magical abilities and has a heart comprised of light and darkness. Currently, it's tipped a bit more in favor of darkness.

Occupation/s: TBA
Point Total: TBA
Inventory: TBA
Other Notes: TBA


Platonic Physical Contact: Sure. He can get a little awkward at times, but it's nothing he can't handle.
Romantic/Sexual Physical Contact: Any advances will leave him incredibly flustered, but I am down for making his life a bit more awkward. Let's just keep it PG - PG13, eh?
Violent Physical Contact: Sure, but depending on the situation and extremity, I would like a heads-up first.
Mindreading: Sure. Just let me know ahead of time, and I can give more details then.
IC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: Because Riku came from a pretty dismal situation, it may take a little bit of time for him to adjust to the relatively more lighthearted situations here. Really, though, I can't think of many.
OOC Personal Boundaries/Warnings: I'll add these when I think of 'em.
Other Notes: TBA

Additionally, Riku comes from [community profile] towerofanimus, which dealt with dark themes including psychological horror, death, body horror, and occasionally very violent circumstances. If you would like him to refrain from mentioning these things, please let me know. By default, I will be keeping things as clean as I can.
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[Here is Riku's diary/IC contact post.]

IC Mailbox

May. 3rd, 2013 09:43 am
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Want to contact Riku via mail? Just leave it here. I'll find an appropriate image later.
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Dream 1 )

Note: I'm open to characters only appearing in segments of this an the other long dreams and exploring one particular memory if you so wish. OU Riku and AU Riku are sticking to Hollow Bastion, for example.

Dream 2 )

Dream 3 )

Other Misc Dreams )
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Here I'll be posting some information on the other characters in the AU. This should come in handy on the off chance that someone actually wanted to play somebody. Sooo, here we go!

Info beneath the cut~ )
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Teal deer down below! )

Outline is subject to change. This is basically just a rough idea of what's gonna happen in Act 2.
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So, I figured it was about time I set up a timeline for Riku's universe. For those curious about the actual story, you can check it out here. It's a work in progress, and I've taken Riku from after the first story, so this timeline will contain spoilers for Antipode. ...but just RPing with him will spoil some aspects of the story, so. XD

Here comes some teal deer! )
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